Reducing Rework With Construction and Jobsite Management Solutions

When project teams work in silos, it creates unnecessary and avoidable breakdowns in the flow of information resulting in costly delays to a project’s overall timeline.

One of the more expensive delays to a project is the time and money spent dealing with rework. In the United States alone, non-optimal activities such as searching for project data and dealing with rework resulted in $177.5 Billion in labor costs in 2018. To break that number down a little further, construction professionals are spending 35% of their time, roughly 14 hours per week, on non-optimal activities. That number is simply too high.

Some of the more common causes of construction rework include miscommunication between project teams, missing documents—such as requests for information (RFIs) and submittals—schedule pressures and poor data management.

To combat these issues, many contractors have found great success in implementing construction management and jobsite management solutions, such as those offered by RedTeam. RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go are construction management solutions for general contractors, while Fieldlens by RedTeam is a jobsite management solution for contractors of all types and sizes.

What problems do RedTeam’s solutions solve to reduce rework?

Miscommunication between project teams

Construction is a collaborative process. Your software should reflect that. RedTeam Flex’s collaborative console provides contractors with real-time collaboration to accelerate progress from preconstruction all the way to project closeout. RedTeam Go’s portal for external project team members provides a way for contractors and external collaborators to efficiently and effectively communicate to ensure nothing slips through the cracks all the way to project turn over. Fieldlens provides an easy way to collaborate with all project team members in real-time with quick posts and drawing markups and instant push notifications from preconstruction through project turn over and beyond. By allowing your project teams to collaborate seamlessly, they’re given access to the right information at the right time, enabling them to stay ahead of anything that might slow them down.

Missing documents (RFIs and submittals)

With RedTeam solutions, you can manage the flow of requests for information (RFIs) on your projects. By utilizing this robust workflow, project teams can create, receive, review, share and track RFIs. Additionally, users can maintain an accurate and up-to-date log, as well as collaborate proactively with all parties involved with filters for open RFIs to make sure that none fall through the cracks.

RedTeam’s solutions also include submittal workflows that allow you to create and track requests and submittal packages with a log that updates in real-time. Leverage this process to capture all the metadata that’s associated with your submittals. Anyone whose submittal task is overdue will receive reminder notifications at intervals determined by your team, so you can focus on moving the project forward without having to stop what you’re doing to remind team members that you are waiting on them. Supply chain issues and long lead times for construction materials make it more critical than ever for the submittal management process to be handled quickly to avoid construction delays.

Schedule pressures

Organize the different stages of your project using the Gantt scheduling feature in RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go. You can track progress throughout the life of the project and manage milestones in Gantt solutions that operate very similarly to Microsoft Projects. RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go also keep track of every update to the schedule so that team members on the job will have access to the most up-to-date information. While Fieldlens doesn’t have a Gantt schedule component, you can create posts with schedule updates attached and tag the entire project team so they are instantly aware of schedule changes and the impacts to their scope of work. Team members’ ability to collaborate in real-time with those whose scopes impact their work reduces downtime on the jobsite, and ensures the project schedule can be updated immediately as new information is shared.

Poor data management

RedTeam Flex’s mobile app allows you to connect the jobsite and office seamlessly. While using the app, you can create RFIs, Daily Progress Reports, punch lists, safety lists, checklists and expenses. Through the application, you can also access all current versions of your plans, specifications and latest schedule update for up-to-date field management reporting. RedTeam Flex has an integration with Fieldlens available, which allows contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers to quickly share updated project information to keep field teams up-to-date so they can focus on work in the field. 

Fieldlens is also available as a standalone solution for project teams to collaborate and manage work in the field. The Fieldlens mobile app includes real-time notifications delivered directly to team members’ phones so they know where they are needed and when. Photos and markups can be attached to drawings or tied to tasks. Easily track and document punch, RFIs, submittals, safety deficiencies and general posts and conversations in seconds. Fieldlens also has automated reports to allow for easy sharing of data between project team members. 

RedTeam Go’s mobile app allows you to connect field and office teams. The app allows you to create RFIs, daily logs, punch lists and expenses. You can also access all current versions of your plans and all items stored in the Project Documents section. Easily find and share project information while on the jobsite. 

RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go are built from hands-on experience to support general contractors in facing the challenges of commercial construction. Fieldlens was built from hands-on experience to assist contractors of all types and sizes in facing the challenges of construction projects from commercial to residential and vertical to horizontal. RedTeam arms your project teams with the right information at the right time to mitigate risk so you can build with confidence.

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