How to Improve Construction Project Scheduling for Timely Completion

In construction, every minute wasted translates to expense. Discover 10 practical ways to improve construction project scheduling.

Solving Construction Billing Issues

Struggling with construction billing issues? This article provides practical solutions and best practices that can help you overcome common problems.

How Submittals Lead to Change Orders

Explore how submittals can escalate to change orders in construction, and how using the right software can streamline this process effectively.

How ‌construction budgeting software streamlines financial management

Discover what construction budgeting software can do for you. Learn how RedTeam’s solution streamlines financial management and boosts efficiency.

It would be a nice story to say RedTeam started from a great entrepreneurial vision, but that’s not so. Instead, RedTeam was born from the need to solve real-world problems. As an owner of a commercial construction company, I’ve had hands-on experience in all aspects of commercial construction, including all delivery methods, working in public, […]

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