Track Your Interactions in Real-time With RedTeam

There are many moving parts and constant collaboration in the construction industry between the owner, design team, the general contractor, subcontractors and material suppliers. Constant collaboration requires a way to efficiently communicate and track all interactions to keep the project moving and reduce risk. RedTeam’s construction management and jobsite management solutions support these workflows.

With RedTeam, your team can collaborate from anywhere, at any time. All solutions allow for collaboration during every phase of your project. Fieldlens by RedTeam allows for real-time messaging and alerts using posts and push notifications, available to everyone you add to your project team. If a subcontractor has a question for you, they can ask via Fieldlens. You’ll immediately get notified via push notification that your input is needed–every second counts.

Easily track interactions throughout each phase of a project

RedTeam’s cloud-based software solutions allow everyone on your project teams to work remotely from anywhere. Collaborate on every phase from design and preconstruction through project closeout, all while capturing the history of every update and interchange. RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens record and store metadata throughout the solutions so you have a record of what happened when and who was involved

Tracking interactions in real-time is easy with RedTeam Flex’s collaborative console. Document collaborators can communicate with each other, including any necessary attachments. All communication is stored right alongside the document. No need to search for emails or texts stored outside the solution, since everything is stored in one place. Team members’ access to and edits made to documents are timestamped and stored in the metadata as well. Project managers can quickly see who or what may be holding up critical project workflows. The RedTeam Flex metadata feature also allows you to track when documents and reports are sent out and when they’ve been opened, printed or responded to. 

Fieldlens stores data within each post regarding who interacted with the post, what they said or did, and when they did so. When collaborators add anything to posts, all other collaborators will receive an instant push notification. Tracking project interactions is available instantly and stored in the project to refer to later. This allows you to hold people accountable and allow for advanced filtering and reporting.

RedTeam’s unique approach to creating, negotiating and controlling project communications online streamlines collaboration. It captures a complete and unimpeachable record of project documents, commentary and associated metadata along the way. Start tracking interactions with our comprehensive collaboration solutions.

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