Adding People to a Project in Fieldlens by RedTeam

Field teams have a lot of people working on multiple tasks to complete a project. With so much going on, it can be easy for information to get lost or communication to be broken when people aren’t on the same page during a project.

In Fieldlens by RedTeam, users can add people to a project straight from the application and update each party on project information in real-time.

Adding people to a project using desktop

To add someone to a project, users first need to be in the dashboard of the specified project. Then users need to click on the “people” tab that, when clicked, all the individuals currently added to the project will be displayed

To add more people to the project, click “+ Add People to Project” in the upper right-hand corner. There are two ways to add people to a project. The first is by searching for the person’s name within Fieldlens if they are an active user. The second is to add the person’s email if they aren’t a Fieldlens user. It’s that simple.

Once someone is added to a project, a welcome email message will be sent to them, including instructions on how to join the project. The welcome message is also customizable if any edits or additions are needed.

Users can then add an optional profile for the added individual, including their name, email and company name.

Adding people to a project using the mobile app

Adding people using the app on a mobile device is just as easy. Users simply click the “people” tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the app, click the plus sign at the top right corner and search for the person’s name or type in their email.

Once a person is added, they’ll have to finish the process by registering themselves to access Fieldlens fully.

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