How Technology is Changing Construction Sites

The construction industry is undergoing a massive transformation due to the emergence of new technologies. The use of modern technology has revolutionized how we manage construction sites, making them more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. From paperless job sites to offline working, there is an abundance of tools available that help streamline processes, and make work faster and safer for everyone involved in a project. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways building construction technology is changing sites and how it can benefit your business.

Construction technology revolutionizes the industry

The world is becoming increasingly tech-centered, and the construction industry is no different. We are seeing new developments with drones, augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning‌ and software to enhance job sites. That may be overwhelming, but construction technology doesn’t have to be a complicated solution.

When looking at construction tech, there are simple processes you can change that could have significant improvements on productivity levels. Construction technology and software now tackle core challenges in the construction industry.

From project management to effective communication, construction management software can help streamline the process from conception to completion with its intuitive features. Consequently, construction companies can reduce costs and time spent on projects while increasing accuracy. Embracing construction technology can give any company a competitive edge by improving efficiency, safety and communication.

Digital tools and devices enhance construction sites

Construction technology and digital tools improve overall communication and transparency‌ on the jobsite, while lowering costs. Improvements to a jobsite don’t have to be as drastic as having AI or drones on site. Minor tweaks to a workflow or simply updating your current methods to include technology can have a major impact. Having a set of standard procedures that leverage construction technology can help you create and maintain high-quality services for your clients. Consider the following to optimize your use of technology.

Organized file transfer for less waste

Cloud-based construction technology enables team members to share documents, designs, schedules‌ and other information in real time and digitally. Project stakeholders can easily stay informed about progress and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Without cloud-based construction technology, approvals can take a long time and can get buried because more issues and problems build up without being adequately addressed. Paperless solutions with construction technology remove the clutter of the jobsite and provide less waste. This ensures that teams can address issues promptly and accurately.

Virtual collaboration

The modern jobsite demands quick thinking and problem-solving. With virtual standup meetings, team members can quickly share updates, discuss issues‌ and communicate essential information without needing to be in the same physical space. 

These meetings provide an opportunity for teams to come together, discuss their concerns‌ and brainstorm potential solutions in a timely manner. Standup meetings also help create an environment of trust and understanding. As a results, you’ll see communication among team members improve. 

Using construction management software to support meeting minutes, enables teams to track all items discussed. You can then tie them directly to issues or other actions that require follow-up. The ability to attach plans as necessary allows teams to provide an added layer of context.

Online and offline working

Having a consistent internet connection on a hectic worksite, might be a challenge from time to time. Working online and offline with construction technology might seem like two concepts that don’t overlap, but that’s not the case. Jobsite management software allows you to work offline to capture data as you move about on your jobsite. 

You can carry out inspections, capture videos, images‌ or add drawing markups without having to worry about losing data. Once you have an internet connection, you sync your data back to a centralized hub. 

Seamless search functionality

Searching for specific documents or information can be a time-consuming task. Using seamless search functionality integrated into construction software helps streamline these administrative processes. The ability to quickly access up-to-date project data, vendor information and financials is invaluable in avoiding potential errors and saves time, especially when making critical decisions.

How construction technologies impact overall costs and team efficiency

Implementing real-time communication and streamlining project management workflows can help reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of a job site. InnerTech was able to see a boost in productivity with RedTeam Flex specifically because it improves internal and external communication. 

There are numerous benefits to using construction management technology on your construction projects. 

Reduced paper costs

With construction software, file storage is more effortless and hassle-free. You can make changes to plans and designs in real time with a paperless solution. And by eliminating the need for printing, businesses can save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Printing costs can be significant when you look at reprints and copies made for each change. Even more so, if documents are lost or misplaced with improper storage. Ultimately, paperless operations create a more organized working environment by reducing physical clutter on jobsites. 

Reduced travel costs

With the use of video conferencing software in conjunction with construction management software, you can now hold more efficient meetings remotely. Remote meetings eliminate the need for costly business trips. They also save time and energy that’d otherwise be wasted traveling back and forth between places. Using construction management software to support these virtual meetings, allows teams to review the same content together without being in the same physical space.

Having an effective scheduling and task management tool further allows teams to communicate and schedule field work effectively. Moreover, delays or issues can be shared and reviewed remotely, avoiding costly trips to the jobsite.

Faster turnaround 

By sending automatic notifications about project updates or issues, construction technology and software ensures everyone involved is kept in the loop. Consequently, teams can take action quickly to prevent any delays or costly mistakes. Instant notifications via phone or email allow for more efficient and timely communication. This results in a smoother construction process overall. 

With jobsite management software you can conduct rapid, systematic punch walks and inspections, with data recorded and processed in real-time. This makes it possible to identify issues quickly and accurately, reducing the time between identifying and rectifying a problem. This speeds up the entire process, improving safety and efficiency.

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