Invite Owners, Engineers, Architects and More to Collaborate in Real-Time

In June 2020, McKinsey and Co released a ninety-page report laying out a roadmap for the future of the construction industry. The report demonstrates how construction businesses are susceptible to the same forces that are currently reshaping the global economy and provides an in-depth look at the solutions. One of the key solutions is the digitization of products and processes and how those innovative changes will improve the way construction companies manage operations, design, and construction—including how they’ll communicate with project partners.

Collaborative solutions for the future

There’s a tremendous amount of potential in collaborative work solutions for the construction management industry, especially for subcontractors, material providers, labor forces, expeditors and other vendors within the industry. Digital technologies that enable faster communication among your team members means data-driven decisions can be made without missing a beat. The ability to collaborate in real-time with your architect in their office across town, your engineer on the jobsite, and your out-of-state owners is undoubtedly one of the most significant advancements in today’s construction industry. Decisions, changes, additions and other multi-party agreements that used to take hours, or even days, can now be accomplished in minutes. As the industry—and the world—reshapes itself in the coming years, the most successful construction management businesses will be the ones using these tools.

Improve construction budgets with digital tools

A significant contributing factor to rework in construction is communication challenges. Rework can consume between 7% to 15% of the total budget for new construction. Reducing rework helps to reduce waste and the hidden costs associated with waste. If you can reduce the amount of rework on a project, you can immediately improve your project’s profitability. Enhancing the collaborative communication tools and methods among project teams is the critical first step toward reducing rework, waste and budget overages and will help keep you on schedule. This is where streamlined document sharing capabilities come into play. Change orders, RFIs, submittals, and more can be shared and acted on quickly. Team members don’t need to be in the same room, on the same jobsite, or even in the same city.

Real-time collaboration with the whole project team

When you invite owners, engineers, architects, subcontractors (and more) to collaborate using RedTeam Flex and RedTeam Go’s fully-integrated construction management solutions, every single document in your project is secured in a cloud-based central location. Your team members can use the solutions to work remotely, from anywhere around the city, country or the globe and share documents with any or all partners working on the project—and have a history of every interaction with each document. The metadata tracking feature between partners sharing documents allows users to track when a report is sent out and when it’s been opened, clicked, printed or responded to. And RedTeam Flex’s collaborative console enables your team to stay updated in real-time every step of the way. Since each interaction ties directly to the shared document, your team can track documents to make sure they reach the right person and produce accurate, critical information in real-time. Additional partners can also be invited to interact with documents without needing an account of their own to participate in the collaborative process. 

In addition to construction management solutions, teams benefit greatly from using a jobsite management solution, like Fieldlens by RedTeam to guarantee that work on site won’t have to be halted when issues arise. Posts and push notifications allow team members to communicate and resolve questions and issues nearly instantaneously, to keep projects on track and reduce the likelihood of rework or safety risks.

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