Ensuring Accuracy of Submittals With Construction Management Software

Ensuring the accuracy of submittals can be tiring and cumbersome, but it’s important to the flow of your project. However difficult they may be to create, they’re essential for a project’s workflow.

Submittals consist of information for the design professional to approve equipment, materials, etc., before fabrication and delivery to the project. Consequently, submittals occur in early project phases and help guide how the project will‌ be executed.

With construction management software, you have easier access to the crucial steps for creating and submitting submittals for approval. This helps mitigate the risk of error and rework in materials, design‌ and ultimately your budget.

Creating submittals with construction management software

The most common process for managing submittals is creating them on paper with the general information of materials, equipment, etc., for a project needed for approval. These physical documents are usually sent to the architect, the contractor or the subcontractor, then‌ going back and forth between parties. This manual process involves a lot of paper and running around, leading to wasted time and room for error.

Instead, construction management software allows you to create and manage a submittal without the need for paper or extensive email back-and forth.

With RedTeam’s construction management software solutions, users have access to their workspace for each project. Here is where they can easily create and manage submittals and more. 

Managing submittal types

Contractors can add as many submittals as needed and associate them with different categories or types. Select or create your own submittal type, such as shop drawing, material sample, spec sheet, warranty, operation and maintenance or MSDS. Subsequently, the submittal type enables vendors with the necessary information on what to provide as their submittal items. Whether that is physical samples, MSDS sheets for review or a sample warranty for the owner or architect to approve.

Adding submittal assignments and due dates

Direct assignment options allow you to select the responsible party, who’ll need to act on the submittal. That can be the architect, owner, subcontractor or other vendors who need to provide or approve submittals. When assigning due dates and tagging your submittal to spec sections, you’re thereby able to ensure accountability and keep track of schedules.

Providing context to the submittal 

Before submitting any submittals to the owner or architect for approval, the contractor looks at all the relevant contract documents. Those can include specifications, plans and timelines. This helps identify any specific requirements and enables them to create an appropriate solution. You can add detailed submittal descriptions and attachments to provide further context for any responsible party. 

Tracking submittal statuses

Clear status tracking allows stakeholders to see all of the submittals created and their respective status. And with the addition of submittal stamps, all parties clearly know when approvals have been given or revisions are required. A process that can take an entire day to set up and collaborate on, now takes only minutes. 

Real-time notifications for progress tracking

With instant email notifications about the status of your submittals, you’re no longer reliant on meetings or lengthy phone calls. Managing your submittal workflow in construction management software like RedTeam Flex or RedTeam Go, means you can collaborate directly with all parties involved.

Take charge of your submittal workflow process with RedTeam’s construction management solutions.