The Digital Jobsite - Managing Field Work Without Paper

Are you looking for a way to streamline your construction management processes in the field? With jobsite management software, you can do just that.

This article will explore the benefits of using software for the field, key considerations when choosing one and how it can improve efficiency. From improving collaboration between teams to enhancing resource management, there are many advantages to using jobsite management software in construction projects. 

Benefits of jobsite management software

Construction sites are busy places, and tracking day-to-day operations can be challenging. Jobsite management software specializes in optimizing these daily operations. This software is usually capable of:

  • Managing and tracking all jobsite tasks
  • Tracking material and labor resources
  • Reporting field activity
  • Ensuring safety compliance
  • Ensuring quality control

These tools allow projects to be completed more efficiently and with less human error. Jobsite management software is necessary for any construction business looking to remain competitive.

Key factors to consider when choosing jobsite management software

When looking for a construction jobsite management software, you must select one that aligns closely with your needs as a construction company. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

Jobsite task management tools

Construction managers and supervisors need efficient tools to organize projects, track timelines‌ and assign tasks to contractors. Project tracking and task management tools provide an easy way to do just that. These jobsite management apps enable managers to create and manage multiple tasks, optimize resource usage, and track progress in real-time. With these tools in place, managers can ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Drawing management capabilities

Drawing management options in jobsite management software provides a secure, efficient‌ and cost-effective way to store, retrieve‌ and share project plans and specs. Team members should be able to mark up and sign documents digitally to avoid delays.

With a jobsite management app, general contractors and their teams can quickly access all their documents in one central location. Consequently, this reduces the time and effort needed to search for plans and specs. Moreover, it ensures that only authorized people can view or edit documents, which keeps critical information secure.

Communication and collaboration tools

Jobsite planning requires easy-to-use, collaborative tools, that allow teams to communicate quickly and easily. Construction companies increasingly use collaboration tools to help their team members stay connected and informed. Delays in communication can be detrimental to getting punch items resolved or changes approved. 

Cloud-based access with jobsite management apps

Users can get access to project data from anywhere, anytime, with jobsite management software. Having real-time access to information streamlines communication, improves team collaboration‌ and increases efficiency and productivity. 

Enabling access via mobile apps generates even more efficiencies, since construction work doesn’t take place in only one location. As a result, all team members can keep track of their field activities while on the go and update project information in real time. With offline-working capabilities, you can access and post information even without internet access. Data will sync directly when you’re back online.

Quality and safety management

Quality and safety assurance is essential to manage construction projects to ensure the highest product and service quality. With the help of jobsite management software, your company can ensure just that. 

Team members can monitor the quality of their work with greater precision and accuracy—giving you a competitive advantage. Furthermore, you can track defects and inspections‌ and provide detailed reports on performance metrics. Additionally, OSHA guidelines, health and safety files‌ and construction phase plans can be reviewed quickly.  

How RedTeam’s construction jobsite management software can help

There are countless project management tools on the market, but construction jobsite management software has features specific to the construction industry. With RedTeam’s jobsite management software, Fieldlens by RedTeam, you can find a solution that works to easily manage your daily operations.

Improved communication and collaboration

Real-time communication ensures that everyone stays updated with the latest developments in their tasks. You can upload images and videos directly to your punch lists, safety lists or RFIs. For drawings and specs, our markup and overlay features allow you to make notes and adjustments for everyone to see.

You can even attach them to your plans so that everyone has access to the same information at all times. This allows you to assign tasks and resources quickly while on-site so that any potential issues can be addressed as soon as they arise. 

Better resource tracking

By tailoring the tracking of your workforce and other resources, you can gain valuable insights into using them for maximum efficiency. With Fieldlens you have the added benefit of being able to include real-time weather updates to all posts. This gives your team access to critical information about potential hazards or changes in conditions that could impact their ability to get the job done.

Access from anywhere on any device

Our jobsite management software lets you easily and quickly share and track photographs, videos, tasks‌ and other data in real-time via cloud storage. With it, you can monitor project progress and stay on top of critical tasks. It’s the perfect digital hub to keep all your project-related information in one place. 

Project managers, superintendents, subcontractors, project owners, architects and engineers and all other project stakeholders can collaborate as your project progresses. This includes logging, organizing‌ and tracking activity, issues and other field data. Fieldlens allows you to access and post information even when you don’t have an internet connection. When you’re back online, all your data will automatically sync.

Automated reporting

With automated reporting, you can quickly create custom jobsite reports and daily, weekly or monthly summaries to share with all relevant parties. This saves time and creates efficiencies for everyone involved, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. Moreover, automated reports and scheduled email summaries ensure that everyone has access to the same information in a timely manner.

Easy access to project plans and specs

You can store and access field data from cloud platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box‌ and more. Load your project plans into Fieldlens and keep track of revisions by discipline. Finding critical project information is a breeze with advanced filtering and customizable reports. 

Connect your jobsite with the right software

The right jobsite management software is one that’s flexible and is made specifically to handle the unique challenges of a construction jobsite. Let our software solutions streamline your daily operations so you and your team can focus on delivering quality work.

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