How to Leverage the Power of Software for Preconstruction

Cloud-based preconstruction technology is becoming increasingly important for commercial general contractors (GCs). 


Because owners are shifting away from traditional Design-Bid-Build delivery methods and bringing GCs into the construction process earlier than ever before.

“Preconstruction has emerged as one of the [most] important capabilities driving the success of commercial construction businesses,” says RedTeam Founder Michael Wright in a recent webinar on preconstruction

“[But] once you go under contract to provide preconstruction services, client expectations go up,” he says. “There’s a lot of market pressure for seamless collaboration and innovation.”

Using cloud-based software for preconstruction, like RedTeam Flex, helps you provide the collaboration and innovation the market wants.

Here’s how you can elevate your preconstruction services with RedTeam Flex and meet heightened expectations.

Use Preconstruction technology to centralize data and documents

Keeping bid packages, vendor quotes, cost estimates and proposals in multiple systems results in disconnected data. These disconnects often create duplicate or conflicting information, which leads to poor decisions and rework in the field. 

Cloud-based preconstruction technology reduces these issues by keeping plans, images and communications in a single location. 

With RedTeam Flex’s preconstruction features, you can keep all your key items in one place. Plus, you get a step-by-step guided workflow that makes setup tasks simple. 

In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Enter scope details
  • Configure project preferences
  • Upload plans and specs
  • Build cost estimates
  • Track and level vendor quotes
  • Link your Schedule of Values to your budget
  • Create proposal packages


Use preconstruction technology to improve cross-functional collaboration

Cross-functional communication drives creativity, innovation and efficiency.

But the construction industry is notorious for operating within silos that limit collaboration between stakeholders. Partly because GCs need to protect proprietary data.

With RedTeam Flex, teams can share ideas while keeping confidential information safe.

For example, subcontractors can review bid packages and submit quotes without logging into your system of record. 

Plus, you can invite stakeholders to collaborate on only one assigned document or section at a time. 

So, you can give owners the transparency and collaboration they want, but no one is privy to information they shouldn’t see.

Using software for preconstruction to streamline bid management

Using software for preconstruction, like RedTeam Flex, speeds up the creation of bid packages. Plus, it provides advanced bid leveling features. So you can compare quotes in detail without having to sort through numerous emails and paper documents. 

With RedTeam Flex, you can create bid packages that combine multiple cost codes. So vendors can submit quotes for the entire package instead of quoting by individual cost codes. This saves time for both you and the vendors. 

You can also:

  • View bids side-by-side for easy comparison 
  • Customize your view by filtering, sorting and hiding columns
  • Track vendor quotes by status and RFQ date
  • Know cost and pricing in your cost estimate is automatically updated once you choose a winning bid


Use preconstruction technology to streamline estimates and proposals

Traditionally, contractors handle cost estimates and price proposals separately, creating the necessity to enter data multiple times.

With RedTeam Flex, you can perform both tasks simultaneously. 

Along with saving time, this accounts for supplemental markups automatically added to unit prices. So it provides a more accurate measure of your project’s profitability. 

Once you finish your cost estimate in RedTeam Flex, your price proposal is instantly created and available to print or email to your prospective client.

Use preconstruction technology to turn historical data into future insights

RedTeam’s cloud-based preconstruction technology preserves historical data and experiences, so they’re easily accessible for current project teams. This reservoir of wisdom helps teams make informed decisions, avoid past mistakes and improve project outcomes.

It also makes it possible to keep valuable employees’ knowledge with your company even when they retire or move on from the firm.

Elevate your preconstruction phase with RedTeam Flex

RedTeam Flex now has enhanced preconstruction features to help users elevate their preconstruction services.

It now offers:

  • Enhanced cost estimating for hard bids and negotiated pricing
  • Creation of bid packages from multiple cost codes
  • Real-time bidding status, follow-up messaging and flexible solicitation options
  • Bid solicitation with advanced bidder search and vendor qualifications 
  • Bid solicitation emails that link bidders to electronic bid forms for online submission
  • Bid leveling with comparative cost analysis, should-cost analysis, multiple awards, split assemblies and selection of best quotes
  • Proposal pricing with full cost and pricing detail and negotiated unit pricing
  • User-defined markups, bidder comparisons, selected vendors and supplemental proposal pages

These updates help you work more efficiently, collaborate in real-time, manage uncertainty and reduce risk from the start of a project. So you can effectively deal with challenges from the early planning stages all the way through to project completion. And you can provide the preconstruction excellence that leads to good commercial outcomes for you and your clients.

Find out more about the enhanced preconstruction functionality of RedTeam Flex.