CMAA 2023 Event Recap

A summary of RedTeam’s presence at CMAA 2023

Attending for the first time this year, RedTeam had the pleasure of engaging with the different groups of attendees at CMAA 2023 in Washington, D.C. Our goal? Learn more about CMAA’s members and their needs when it comes to construction management software. Plus, showcase our solutions and the benefits they can offer to GCs running CMAR projects. 

We touched base with Sr. Industry Specialist, Cinthia Gil and Client Success Manager, Josias Tchatchoua, at the end of the event for a quick recap of their experience.

Listen to the video for the full event recap.

Key takeaways from CMAA 2023

A diverse audience from different areas of the construction management sector

CMAA 2023 highlighted a different audience than previous shows RedTeam had attended this year. As expected, we saw many Construction Managers in attendance but also a lot of Construction Managers as Agent. Cinthia Gil remarks, “There’s a lot of Construction Managers out there, and they do different things. There are construction managers that work directly for the owner, so there’s a big mix here.” Being the direct representation of the owner, provided the team with the opportunity to learn more about their technology needs and get an even better understanding of how they engage with the GC and the owner. The variety in roles and responsibilities enriched the value of the conference through a wide-ranging exchange of ideas and practices.

A clear need for technology that enables document management and collaboration

Despite the diversity in roles, our team was able to observe a common theme among attendees. “Most of [the attendees] have been directly working for the owner and [are] not necessarily involved in the design process, which I thought was interesting.” This highlights the need for technology solutions like RedTeam to enable a clear transfer of information from the owner to the GC. Taking the project requirements during preconstruction and being ablet to put them into reality with the final project. 

It clearly showed the value of RedTeam’s solutions which enable creating a single source of truth for the project during preconstruction. While also supporting the need for collaboration on the jobsite. 

“It was a pleasure connecting with all the different clients. A lot of people in the industry, construction managers that we got to meet today and definitely excited for the next one.”, says Josias to close out the interview.

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